Data science

We are a group experienced data scientist. We provide convenient, comprehensive, cost effective Data Science Service that will add value to your business and give competitive advantage in the market. We are not one size fits all robots rather we like to pay personal attention to our clients. Once client’s express your interest in this form. We contact client and collect customized requirements that fits client’s business need. Then we collects data from clients, prepares it for analysis, use statistical methodologies and run analytical algorithms against the refined data and returns the findings generated by the algorithms back to our client.

Our Data Science Service life cycle:

Our data science as a service ensure that the entire life cycle of data preparation is taken care of:

  1. Client Specific Requirements Gathering
  2. Data Collection
  3. Data Exploration
  4. Data Cleansing
  5. Data Conversion
  6. Data Preparation
  7. Data publishing for analysis
  8. Perform Data Analysis
    1. Machine Learning
    2. Deep Learning
    3. Neural Networks
    4. Cognitive Computing
    5. Predictive Analytics
    6. Prescriptive Analytics
    7. Decision Optimizing Processes
    8. Data Mining
  9. Model Building
  10. Evaluating Model
  11. Generate Business Insight, Suggest Actionable Strategies
  12. Deliver the result the Client

 Our Areas of Expertise and What we can do for you:

Fraud Detection /Risk Analytics

  • Detect healthcare or Medicare Medical claims Fraud/Error/Abuse
  • Detect Credit Card Fraud, Mortgage Fraud or any Financial Fraud
  • Detect/Predict Voter Fraud
  • Mitigate Risk by Scoring with Predictive Analytics
  • Detect Investment Fraud,Predict Financial Market Volatility
  • Provide Statistical Confidence on Investment Choices

Customer Analytics

  • Acquire New Customer
  • Predict Purchase
  • Suggest Cross Sell/Up Sell
  • Analyze Sales Churn
  • Analyze Customer Sentiment
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Empower Sales with targeted Marketing

Operation Analytics

  • Smart Decision Making
  • Sales and marketing analytics
  • Measure Pro activity & Anticipating Needs
  • Click stream data analysis -Optimize advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Gain Business Insights through Data Visualization
  • Analyze Market Trend and stay Updated
  • Improve healthcare Cost-Care Ratio
  • Medical Device Safety Monitoring
  • Clinical Research
  • Genomic Analytics
  • R&D for the drugs and devices
  • Clinical Trial Analytics
  • Improve Public health

Query Form:

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