Increase Marketing ROI
Laser Target Potential Customer

Link&Win has invented the technology that can acquire and correlate diverse, conventional, non-traditional data points and social sentiments – in real-time

About Link&Win

Link&Win is a technology company that has developed a data discovery and creation platform which leverages machine learning to acquire and correlate diverse, conventional, and non-traditional data points with social intelligence to build the highly accurate business and consumer data sets, in real-time, across the globe.

Link&Win creates unique derivative data products by combining information identified through their discovery and creation platform with data assets provided by their publishing, ad exchange, and crowdsourcing partnerships. These channels enable Link&Win to curate and augment data sets to power B2B and B2C sales and marketing campaigns, customer retention and relationship management services, location-based services, search and mapping portals, demographic and firmographic targeting, and media advertising at scale in multiple industries.

Link&Win Data At-A-Glance

True 360 degree People View

  • Single platform for:
    • POI
    • Businesses
    • Professional Profile
    • Consumer Profiles
  • Offline to Online Profile Links
  • Personal to Professional Links

Depth and Breadth

  • Personal email 99%
  • Work email 87%
  • Personal phone 95%
  • Auto Ownership 67%
  • Income 85%

Identity Resolution

  • Offline to Online
  • 14.6B events and growing
  • 650MM Unique Email Addresses
  • 450MM Unique IP Addresses
  • 600MM+ Unique Device IDs
  • 800MM+ Consumer Intent / Cookie Records
  • 120MM personal profiles linked to business profiles

Living Data

  • 1MM Business records updated daily
  • 5MM Consumer records updated daily
  • Derived data from Social Graphs

Behavioral and Intent

  • B2B Intent
  • B2C Intent
  • Location Feed

Our Services

IP Address
Our proprietary IP targeting technology helps reach potential audience that drives meaningful outcome for your sales target.

Device ID Graph
Intent IQ helps you leverage data to create targeted sales campaigns and customer outreach that converts like never before!

Buyer Intent
We help bring ready to convert prospects to your system and bolster your conversion rates by leveraging targeted buyer intent data.

Corporate Linkage
Our revolutionary corporate linkage+ alternative linkage technology helps better target, understand, and engage with buyers.

Link&Win Platform and Advantage

We deliver an unrivaled solution that yields higher match-rates and more meaningful, actionable insights.

Access more data and channels on a global scale

Deep professional and personal profiles enriched by local-mapping and social sentiment

Vetted by multiple sources in real-time and ranked via custom scoring semantics

Link&Win Results At-A-Glance

Onboarding offline consumer data enriched with Link&Win data finds 3x as many matches to Advertising IDs than incumbent
Customer realized 2x more revenue for apples to apples test comparing Link&Win B2B data to incumbent for targeted prospecting
Typical match rates for random samples of valid identities matched to Link&Win data

In directory, search, maps, direct marketing
When comparing the Link&Win POI, businesses and people attributes than other providers
New Types of Intelligence
Link&Win data platform powers new types of applications based on new types of intelligence which were previously not available.

Link&Win Products At-A-Glance


API & Bulk Data
  • Directories & Search
  • Internet Portals
  • Maps, GPS, Devices
  • Sales & Marketing Intelligence
  • Customer Intel ( Businesses, people & Contacts )
  • Media & Digital PurePlay

Self-Serve Lead Buy

LeadGen & Audience Buy
  • One Stop Shop for buying
  • Audiences of choice
  • Smart Data Buy and
  • Automated Audience Reach

Personalization API

Brand Content Experience
  • Customer Retention, Loyalty
  • Contextual Recommendation
  • Enhance Consumer Experience
  • Personalized Messaging
  • Look-Alike Modeling

Programmatic Integration

  • Programmatic
  • Mar Gtech, Ad Tech
  • Mobile Ad Networks
  • New Segment Driven Targeting
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Behavioral, Interest & Geo Targeting
  • Social Topics

Problem we can solve : Cost Of Customer Acquisition Too High To Fail

Stale, Incorrect & Limited Data

Costs Organizations That Buy It Approximately $50B+ In Wasted Customer Acquisition Effort

Existing Big Data Platforms are not designed for data that is unstructured, volatile, and time sensitive

  • Available firmographic and contact data is limited with typical error rates of 30 to 50%
  • Semantic algorithms with high accuracy require sophisticated Big Data teams and technology that most companies don’t have.
  • Acquired stale, incomprehensive data with limited precision is not suitable for automated machine learning driven solutions

D&B, Experian, Hoovers, Acxiom,, InfoGroup

Risk in acquired global 3rd party data

  • Different methodologies
  • Questionable match and precision

2nd Tier companies license the faulty primary data and perpetuate the problem.