Link&Win LLC. is managed by experts in technology and consulting services. We deliver cost-effective, flexible solutions that provide responsive and predictable levels of service for our clients’ businesses. Many companies across a variety of industries rely on Link&Win to build, implement and manage their mission-critical systems and applications.Link&Win is a trusted partner committed to ensuring the long-term success of our customers’ business applications and technology strategies.The company has become prominently known for its ability to meet and exceed the expectations of the nation’s leading business and technology companies by offering consulting,corporate training and business solutions. Link&Win is always raising the bar of performance by delivering consistent value. In Fact the company stands very well equipped to help position organizations for the Internet economy by doing the things we do best.To provide rapid knowledge transfer,reduced time-to-market and reduced costs, Link&Win utilizes Rapid Application Development(RAD) and Extreme Programming(XP) techniques to deliver solutions spanning the areas of application development,maintenance and support.

The company employs skilled technical and business professionals from around the world and brings them together to partner with its clients to tackle simple to complex technology-based business challenges. We offer personalized leading-edge business services to help its clients meet mission-critical objectives, increase workforce flexibility, and gain insight into current and future industry issues.

Solutions and pricing based on Outcomes. We focus primarily on understanding the bottom line business side of the outcome you are looking for. As concrete proof, we offer outcome-based pricing schemes designed to address the risks of traditional pricing models. By agreeing to clarify defined and measurable deliverables and basing our prices on their achievement, we give new meaning to the phrase “win-win”.