Leverage the Power of Buyer Intent

Intent IQ helps you leverage data to create targeted sales campaigns and customer outreach that converts like never before! We work as the support mechanism for your sales team by feeding them leads that are ready to buy. Our modern data-centric technology helps generate more conversions in less time.

The modern-day business world is for the closers. The more you close, the better are your chances of winning. This is why we bring you our cutting-edge technology of customer acquisition that gives regular lead generation tools a run for their money! We’re talking data, intent, and search based targeting that gets the right prospects to your doorstep without any hassle.

Cutting-Edge Intent Engine

This is where you get to try one of the world’s most advanced Intent Engines (IEs).
Our IE gathers 360° Buyer Intent Data and helps you identify account-level insights, prioritized accounts, and trending accounts to find you a hot prospective buyer.
This not only gets you quality leads but also set you light years ahead of your competitors.

Make Your Conversions Sky-Rocket

Imagine having the power of knowing what your customer wants without even talking to them beforehand?

This is the kind of leverage our IEs offer you. With us on board, you get to empower your sales team with the fresh intent data feed.

By leveraging this data, they get to make targeted sales pitches and boost your conversion rates through the roof.

AI-Powered Predictive Insights

Make your marketing efforts and sales activity to fall in line with each other and form a combo that guarantees more conversions and sales.

Our AI-powered predictive insights help you paint a picture by connecting dots between marketing efforts and sales activity.

Once aligned, marketing and sales can take your business to heights that didn’t seem achievable in the past.